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Valuing Water - An Increasing Investor Imperative

While societies and economies depend on access to freshwater systems to thrive, an estimated one quarter of the global population faces extremely high water stress.
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Water featured as a new theme in the Impact Fixed Income Fund

Addenda Capital is excited to introduce “Water” as a new investment theme within its Impact Fixed Income Pooled Fund, with fresh water as its inaugural focus area.
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Our Sustainable Investing Policy

This Sustainable Investing Policy highlights the principles that underscore Addenda Capital’s commitment to being a Canadian leader in sustainable investing and provides a framework for implementation.
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Building Momentum: our Sustainable Investing Roadmap

To actively contribute to positive change, we proudly support various sustainable investing initiatives, frameworks, and statements.
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2022 Impact Report: Harnessing Impactful Investments for a Sustainable Future

In a world where investment choices resonate far beyond financial returns, we proudly present the 2022 Impact Report of our Addenda Impact Fixed Income Pooled Fund.
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Our Approach to Proxy Voting and Company Engagement

Company engagement and proxy voting are some of the tools we use to understand the challenges and opportunities of the companies whose securities we own on behalf of clients.
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Glimmers of Hope Despite a Challenging Summer

This year has laid bare that the climate transition is not going to be easy, but also that we are running out of time. However, there are glimmers of hope, with certain key programs and policies coming online despite the gloom and haze.
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Why Investors Should Care About Canada’s Green and Transition Taxonomy

Achieving net-zero by 2050 in Canada will require annual investments of $125 to $140 billion.
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Biodiversity: The Meteoric Rise of a Critical Issue

Biodiversity is now among the top three areas of interest for Canadian institutional investors, along with climate change and diversity, equity, and inclusion issues.
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2022 Climate Action Report

Faced with a complex geopolitical and economic environment, it is crucial to address climate risks and support the transition to a more sustainable economy. At Addenda, we are committed to mitigating climate risks by investing responsibly to help our clients and shape a better world.
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