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Commercial Mortgages:
Why Now is a Good Time to Invest

For many years, investors have faced an ongoing search for yield in the fixed income space. Since the global financial crisis, monetary policy easing has continually pushed interest rates lower. Commercial mortgages are more attractive than ever with bond yields at an all-time low and a relatively flat yield curve. These trends have increased the popularity of commercial...
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Preferred Shares

Investors worldwide are looking to build resilient portfolios.
Could preferred shares be a potential solution?
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Wrong Diagnosis…
Wrong prescription

In early January, just a few weeks after the last hike in the target rate, the Fed assessed that the rate now stood at the lower bound of its estimated band for the neutral rate. However, at its June 19, 2019 meeting, the Fed hinted that it might initiate an easing cycle soon.
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US 2018 Midterms

In an election seen by many as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency and agenda, the American electorate chose to put a damper on the legislative power of the President and the Republican Party.
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Understanding the “Plus” in CorePlus

Are you in a relentless hunt for incremental yield? Relatively low current yields and current expectations for subdued economic growth — relative to historical levels — are leading investors to broaden their horizons. The average yield to maturity (YTM) of the FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index is down to 2.7% from 4.2% ten years ago. In addition, duration is higher1,...
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Going from Win-Win
to Win-Lose, or Worse,
to Lose-Lose

The current US administration’s international trade strategy based on basic populism is etched in a dated win-lose negotiating framework espoused by its current leader. This approach to negotiations takes us back to a time before nations came to understand the benefits of free trade based on the comparative advantage economic theory.
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NAFTA — The Morning After

The renegotiation of the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is down into the last stretch but, a few weeks away from a possible outcome, the end result of the process remains a question mark.
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The Recent Market Turmoil in Context —
Should We Worry?

Recently, after a very long run-up, equity markets underwent a spectacular about-face described by some as a healthy and long-overdue correction and by others as the first ominous sign of more upheaval to come. How worried should we be now that both stock and bond prices have been dropping in unison while earlier, when the recovery was on shakier ground, losses in one...
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Our Expertise

At Addenda Capital, sustainable investing is not an afterthought; it’s part of our DNA. It makes us better investors and enables a better future. — Brian Minns, Sustainable Investment Manager at Addenda Capital
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Active Management - To Better Serve Clients

The pace of growth of passive investment in recent years is striking. Drivers of that growth are not hard to find: near-zero interest rates and central bank asset purchases have helped drive asset price inflation and narrow market breadth, an ideal combination for passive strategies; investors and regulators focusing on fees; technology enabling new strategies and approaches....
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