A client-first attitude. A forward-looking mindset. A results-oriented approach.

At Addenda Capital, we truly put the client first. We are committed to long-term wealth creation for the benefit of our clients. We work in close partnership with every client to ensure we understand their goals and satisfy their needs. And not a single internal bias or growth objective ever takes precedence over the interests of our clients.

We actively manage a wide range of asset classes, including fixed income, equities and commercial mortgages. Multidisciplinary teams bring specialized knowledge to the table, providing us with valuable insights and well rounded assessments. In addition, we modulate and combine asset types to develop tailored investment solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

ESG is part of our DNA

We help our clients stay ahead of the curve using a disciplined approach to asset selection and portfolio management. Each process is based on fundamental research and thorough risk evaluation that integrates ESG factors. Integrating such factors allows us to draw a bigger picture of potential rewards and risks, and better address the long-term needs and expectations of our clients. Learn more about our ESG integration process.

In-house economic analysis

Addenda Capital’s economic analysis is done in-house by its team of economists. In line with the firm’s strong bias towards independent thinking, the economics team provides macroeconomic analysis of market fundamentals. Instead of using third party consensus data, we work with source data to build our own detailed, bias free forecasts. But we also take the time to look beyond the typical forecast horizon, an uncommon practice among investment firms.

While our economists are deeply involved in financial economics, they also support a wider, balanced perspective. This explains why they also keep abreast of academic research, seek input from the firm’s equity analysts and portfolio managers and identify likely longer term trends. In addition, they write in-depth articles that bring a fresh outlook on issues, encouraging debate in the investment management industry.

At Addenda, our independence is not only reflected in our ownership structure, but also in our investment processes, with in-house economic analysis that underpins many of the firm’s asset management strategies.