A Canadian Leader in Sustainable Investing

As a leader in sustainable investing, Addenda Capital believes that a sustainable investing approach helps deliver the long-term investment outcomes our clients are seeking.

We analyze environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues to cast a wider net and examine numerous factors that can affect the returns of a security. This provides us with a deeper understanding of potential risks and opportunities. We’re about creating both financial returns for our clients and positive changes to society.

Going a Step Further: Our Lineup

All of our investment strategies consider ESG factors, but we also offer specific sustainable and impact solutions:

A Four-pronged Approach

The overall strategy we have built seeks to add value in a variety of ways. Here is that blueprint:

  • Promoting sustainable financial markets: addressing systemic sustainability issues that could affect companies in a sector, in a market, or a group of investors 
  • Full ESG integration: in-house analysis supplemented with external research to assess how ESG factors could affect returns and inform investment decisions
  • Stewardship: through proxy voting and engaging with companies, working to focus on specific issues that might result in significant loss in investment value or adversely impact society
  • Sustainable and impact Solutions: Assessing companies based on social and/or environmental criteria and investing in opportunities that have a positive impact on society

We can also, at a client’s request, take into account specific values to tailor investment solutions to achieve positive social or environmental impacts, or meet specific screening criteria.