A Canadian leader in sustainable investing practices

Addenda Capital is committed to sustainable investing because as investors, we should promote sustainable development, and we believe that it leads to better long-term outcomes for our clients.

Analyzing ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues allows us to cast a wider net and examine numerous factors that can affect the returns of a security. This provides us with a deeper understanding of potential risks and opportunities. In our view, and in our practice, sustainable investing is not a compromise. It’s all about making better investment decisions. We believe it’s good for our clients, it’s good for us as investors, and it’s good for future generations, as well.

A four-pronged approach

Our commitment goes beyond systematically analyzing ESG factors. We seek to add value in a variety of ways. We engage in the promotion of good corporate governance and responsible environmental and social practices through sustainable stewardship. And we play an active role in supporting the integrity and long term sustainability of financial markets.

In addition, we can, at a client’s request, tailor investment solutions to achieve positive social or environmental impacts or meet specific screening criteria.

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