Making a Collective Change for a Resilient Society

We invest our clients’ assets with a clear purpose in mind: to generate compelling returns while considering the challenges of our time. Addenda Capital offers sustainable investing strategies that aim to foster positive social and environmental changes and open the path to a cleaner future. Sustainable investing is the right thing to do, right now.


Ignoring a Problem Doesn’t Make It Go Away

We see environmental and social challenges as opportunities to invest and help create a better tomorrow. The Addenda Climate Transition approach builds investment portfolios that work closely with companies that share our interest in making a collective change – that is, a resilient net-zero emissions society by 2050.

Our Solution

An inclusive process, which goes beyond divestment, includes:

  • Identifying companies for support of transition
  • Actively managing a concentrated portfolio with the objective of reducing its carbon footprint
  • Using inclusion criteria that strengthen as society progresses throughout the transition period
  • Engaging with portfolio companies to encourage their improvement and commitment achievement of climate performance
  • Advocating for conditions required for the transition with policymakers and regulators

Our Climate Transition approach, consisting of different phases, would apply to strengthen the companies’ commitments to continuously improve their carbon emissions, while respecting sustainable development criteria and financial requirements. Click here for more information

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Going fossil fuel free

Addenda Capital is committed to offering long-term added value for the benefit of our clients, and can tailor investment solutions to specific requirements and expectations. For clients that wish to align values with a long-term strategy, we offer our Addenda Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Pooled Fund.
Offering a concentrated equity position, the Fund seeks to meet the needs of clients that favour an exclusionary approach toward fossil fuels while generating compelling risk-adjusted returns. The Fund relies on Addenda’s detailed equity research, marked by thorough knowledge of company financials and industry fundamentals.

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Social Value and Financial Value do not Have to be Mutually Exclusive

Addenda Capital defines impact investing as an investment approach that seeks to create both compelling financial returns and positive social and/or environmental impact that can be adequately measured, tracked and reported. We undertake our own internal analysis of impact, but favor opportunities whose impact framework is recognized by a third-party authority.

Four Broad Themes

The positive impact investment opportunities may span across many themes, structures and asset classes. We seek investment opportunities in bonds and commercial mortgages that focus mainly on four themes:

  • Climate Change
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Community Development

Established in December 2017, the Addenda Impact Fixed Income Fund seeks income and long-term capital growth.

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