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Seeking Returns Regardless of Main Asset Classes

Investors often assess their investments’ returns by comparing them to major indexes. However, to diversify their portfolios, some of them may also resort to an absolute return strategy, which aims to generate returns irrespective of market conditions.
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Valuing Water - An Increasing Investor Imperative

While societies and economies depend on access to freshwater systems to thrive, an estimated one quarter of the global population faces extremely high water stress.
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Unravelling the Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Investing

Saying that artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous in 2024 is akin to stating the obvious. While the feats and imperfections of ChatGPT fuelled coffee machine chatter a year ago, generative AI has rapidly risen to prominence as a major concern.
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Fed Shrugging Off Recent Price Shocks

On March 20, 2024, the United States Federal Reserve held its policy rate unchanged at a target range of 5.25-5.5%.
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Water featured as a new theme in the Impact Fixed Income Fund

Addenda Capital is excited to introduce “Water” as a new investment theme within its Impact Fixed Income Pooled Fund, with fresh water as its inaugural focus area.
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Our Sustainable Investing Policy

This Sustainable Investing Policy highlights the principles that underscore Addenda Capital’s commitment to being a Canadian leader in sustainable investing and provides a framework for implementation.
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Infrastructure Bonds, a Hidden Gem in the Fixed Income Market

They are among the unsung heroes of the financial world. And yet, infrastructure bonds are at the heart of economic development, used for projects as varied as airport expansion, hospital construction and energy network expansion.
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Building Momentum: our Sustainable Investing Roadmap

To actively contribute to positive change, we proudly support various sustainable investing initiatives, frameworks, and statements.
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Economic Outlook: Canada and the United States Under the Spotlight

Amid the battle against inflation, concerns over a looming recession and geopolitical events, 2023 featured issues both concerning and complex.
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2022 Impact Report: Harnessing Impactful Investments for a Sustainable Future

In a world where investment choices resonate far beyond financial returns, we proudly present the 2022 Impact Report of our Addenda Impact Fixed Income Pooled Fund.
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