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Adapt or Get Left Behind

In April 2018, Addenda Capital hosted its Investor Day in Toronto and Montréal: “Adapt or Get Left Behind — Anticipating Market Disruptions”. Barbara Gray, author of “Secrets of Amazon”, was the guest speaker of the day. View the highlights of the conference in this video.
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Our Expertise

At Addenda Capital, sustainable investing is not an afterthought; it’s part of our DNA. It makes us better investors and enables a better future. — Brian Minns, Sustainable Investment Manager at Addenda Capital
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Reviewing Expectations

Low economic growth persists despite all intensified efforts from successive governments and central banks. What’s changed? Benoît Durocher, Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Strategist, explains.
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Addenda at a Glance

We are a leading multi-asset investment firm, creating value and confidence for Canadian investors through long views, broad assessments and close partnerships.
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Investor Day 2017

Addenda Capital hosted its 2017 Investor Day in Toronto and Montréal in May: “Entering a New Regime” featuring the Right Honorable Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada.
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Interest Rate Direction in Canada: A Recession, Really?

Benoît Durocher, Executive Vice-President & Chief Economic Strategist, outlines the factors that influence the direction of interest rates in Canada and explains the indicators that determine the strength of the global economy.
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