Bob Baldwin

On the Board: 2011

Member of: The Human Resource Committee (Chair)


  • Bob is a Consultant who specializes in pension plans. 
  • With more than 30 years of experience, Bob Baldwin is widely recognized for his thorough knowledge of all aspects of pensions, ageing society and labour market issues. He has conducted extensive research on these subjects and published many reports and papers.
  • He has also worked for several well-known institutions, in particular at PSP Investments, as a board member, and at the Canadian Labour Congress. He has provided pension advice to the federal and provincial governments, as well as to the OECD, through its Trade Union Advisory Committee.


  • Master's Degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario

Industry Involvement:

  • Member of the Actuarial Standards Oversight Council of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Canada Wide Industrial Pension Plan
  • Member of the Advisory Group of the Pension Papers Program at the C.D. Howe Institute
  • Adjunct Research Professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University