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The Added Value of Sound Asset Allocation

We recently wrote about how Addenda Capital assesses risk with clients, a diligent process whose outcome provides us with the insight needed to help our clients achieve their financial objectives. In this article, we offer a bird’s eye view of how we design our asset allocation model to manage the aggregate portfolio risk level.
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Balancing Risk and Reward: A Roadmap for Uncertain Times

Following the markets’ rough start to 2022, many investors have concerns about where future returns will come from. With such issues strong inflation levels, interest rate increases and geopolitical uncertainty following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we think now is the perfect time to revisit the basics of how Addenda Capital assesses risk with clients.
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FIXD ETF Receives a Fundata Award

The Canadian Actively Managed Fixed Income Fund for which Addenda Capital acts as sub-advisor for Evolve ETFs has earned a FundGradeA+® Awards for 2021. These awards recognize funds that excel in providing consistently strong, risk-adjusted relative performance.
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Addenda Capital Releases 2021 TCFD Report

Addenda Capital is proud to unveil its 2021 report based on recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). This report documents our approach in managing climate-related risks and opportunities.
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A First Canadian Bank Moves Ahead with OTC Preferred Shares

For months, rumor had it that a Canadian bank would eventually issue an institutional, or over the counter (OTC), preferred share. That scenario finally played out on October 21st, when Royal Bank of Canada filed a prospectus that signaled a shift in the market. This development could be of interest for investors that are seeking higher returns from a fixed income-like...
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China: Seizing the Right Opportunities

For years, while we refrained from investing directly in China’s stock market, we kept an eye on Tencent. The Chinese multinational technology conglomerate had been building capacity and broadening its reach, adding to its line-up of internet services and video game activities with investments in online banking and the automobile sector (5% of Tesla). Still, we viewed...
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Sustainable Investing
Q3 2021 Highlights

Discover Addenda Capital’s latest initiatives in promoting sustainable markets, ESG integration and stewardship.
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Six Questions on Inflation

Changes in the inflation rate play a prime role in how financial markets assess the United States Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. In Canada, inflation even made an appearance in the recent federal election campaign.
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Addenda Capital joins Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

Addenda Capital is proud to join the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, a global movement of financial institutions spurred by the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
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Annual Stewardship Summary
July 2019 - June 2020

Addenda Capital is committed to active investment management and so effectively monitors investee entities, including their ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices.
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