Addenda Capital and Philanthropic Foundations Canada are very pleased to announce an exciting two-year partnership that will leverage both organizations’ know-how and reputations in improving and building knowledge, networks, and learning.

This historic partnership, which involves Addenda acting as PFC’s principal partner for its 2024 National Conference to be held in Ottawa from September 23-25, highlights a desire to collaborate in advancing common objectives as well as shared values. These objectives include supporting meaningful social and environmental impact, amplifying collaboration, and building capacity for the common good.

Under the agreement, PFC will benefit from important support provided by Addenda Capital to facilitate development and delivery of purpose-driven programming for the PFC network. This will be enhanced by Addenda’s considerable expertise in sustainable investing, including impact investing, which seeks financial returns while providing positive measurable outcomes for a better future.

The partnership will involve PFC engaging Addenda Capital across several different thought-leadership initiatives from now and into 2026. Addenda will also be the proud principal partner of PFC’s 2025 Investment Learning Series. This new learning initiative is being developed in response to the needs of PFC members engaged in investment roles within their foundations, and will be supported by the leadership of PFC’s Investment Roundtable.

As forward-looking organizations with deep roots in engaging foundations across Canada and building connections in the philanthropic ecosystem, both PFC and Addenda see this partnership as a valuable opportunity to benefit their shared communities and common strategic goals.

About PFC

A registered charitable organization, Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) is Canada’s national philanthropic network. Our membership is comprised of foundations, charities, corporate giving programs, donor-advised funds, and nonprofits whose primary function and activity is grantmaking. PFC advances the common good through network capacity building, collaboration initiatives, and policy & research.

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