I love the challenge of managing our experience and research against an ever-changing and evolving investment environment.
Ian A. McKinnon
Executive Vice-President, Core Fixed Income
Looking beyond the usual mean-reversion by focusing on a rigorous and prospective fundamental analysis.
Benoît Durocher
Executive Vice-President and Chief Economic Strategist
The key to our success is our ability to ascertain global macro inputs which are direct drivers to our portfolio optimization.
Dominic Siciliano
Vice-President, Portfolio Construction, Active Duration
Active management adds value. You don’t participate in the thrill of victory by sitting on the sidelines.
Duncan Mathieson
Executive Vice-President, Canadian Equities
US equities offer exposure to leading global companies in secular growth areas.
Bill Onslow
Vice-President, US Equities
To build our clients' wealth, we strive to find compounders - global leaders with sustainable growth.
Ian Scullion
Senior Vice-President, International Equities
The market environment, our clients and the people I work with keep me challenged and motivated in my work everyday.
Diane Young
Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Co-Head, Corporate Bonds
We have assembled a highly skilled and motivated team to deliver on our promise and serve our clients.
Savvas Pallaris
Executive Vice-President, Commercial Mortgages and Life Investments
We view portfolio construction differently and we analyze asset class interactions through innovative models.
Christian Robert
Vice-President, Investment Solutions and Liability Driven Investment
My role is to bring a quantitative dimension to the thinking and to the realization of our ideas and projects.
Vincent Benoliel
Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Head, Quantitative Research