Social value and financial value do not have to be mutually exclusive

Addenda Capital defines impact investing as an investment approach that seeks to create both competitive financial returns and positive social and/or environmental impact that can be adequately measured, tracked and reported. We undertake our own internal analysis of impact, but favour opportunities whose impact is recognized by a third-party authority.

Consult our article on Impact Investing

Three Broad Areas of Focus

From venture investments in clean technologies to commercial mortgages for affordable housing developments, the opportunities for positive impact span many themes, structures and asset classes.
We are looking for investment opportunities for our clients in bonds, commercial mortgages and private equity (through experienced fund managers with impact experience) that focus mainly on three areas:

  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources


Other Solutions for Custom Objectives/Restrictions

At a client’s request, we can also “screen” investees to exclude certain securities from investment consideration based on social and environmental criteria. For example, we can filter out so-called "sin stocks", including purveyors of tobacco, alcohol, adult entertainment, nuclear power, gambling and weapons.