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Sustainable Investing: Q4 2018 Highlights

In November, Brian Minns, Vice-President, Sustainable Investing, participated in a panel discussion on the Evolution of ESG at the Canadian Bond Investors' Association 2018 Conference in Toronto. He took the opportunity to articulate the process used at Addenda to measure and analyze an issuer's ESG risks and opportunities.
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US 2018 Midterms

In an election seen by many as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency and agenda, the American electorate chose to put a damper on the legislative power of the President and the Republican Party.
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Sustainable Investing: Q3 2018 Highlights

Roger Beauchemin, Addenda's President and CEO, Brian Minns, Vice-President, Sustainable Investing and Barbara Lambert, Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income and Sustainable Investing, attended the 2018 PRI in Person conference in San Francisco. Attending such events helps us keep up with quickly evolving best practices.
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Understanding the “Plus” in CorePlus

Are you in a relentless hunt for incremental yield? Relatively low current yields and current expectations for subdued economic growth — relative to historical levels — are leading investors to broaden their horizons. The average yield to maturity (YTM) of the FTSE TMX Canada Universe Bond Index is down to 2.7% from 4.2% ten years ago. In addition, duration is higher1,...
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Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Climate-related risks and uncertainties are material and climate change is likely to have an impact on investment returns across asset classes over the long term. As an asset manager, the better we understand those risks, the better we can help our clients meet their objectives.
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Electric Avenue: Cross-Sector Implications of Auto 2.0

The automotive business model has always been one of change and adaptation. We believe the looming shift from a model of independently-owned, personally-operated, internal combustion engine-powered vehicles to shared, autonomous, battery-powered electric vehicles will bring with it a plethora of implications across many industries. Addenda’s Sustainable Investing team...
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Sustainable Investing: Q2 2018 Highlights

Addenda Capital’s team members contributed to various publications and spoke at the 2018 RIA Conference. They also undertook various initiatives to promote sustainable financial markets, integrate ESG factors and engage with issuers on climate change and board diversity among other topics.
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Adapt or Get Left Behind

In April 2018, Addenda Capital hosted its Investor Day in Toronto and Montréal: “Adapt or Get Left Behind — Anticipating Market Disruptions”. Barbara Gray, author of “Secrets of Amazon”, was the guest speaker of the day. View the highlights of the conference in this video.
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Tools for Companies and Investors Seeking to Create Long-Term Value

Addenda Capital is committed to sustainable investing because as investors, we should promote sustainable development, and we believe that it leads to better long-term investment outcomes for our clients. Analyzing ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues allows us to cast a wider net and examine numerous factors that can affect the returns of a security. This provides...
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Going from Win-Win to Win-Lose, or Worse, to Lose-Lose

The current US administration’s international trade strategy based on basic populism is etched in a dated win-lose negotiating framework espoused by its current leader. This approach to negotiations takes us back to a time before nations came to understand the benefits of free trade based on the comparative advantage economic theory.
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