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Terms of Use

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Note on Privacy Protection

The personal information that is posted on this site may be used or shared by the Human Resource Department with the managers involved in Addenda Capital's staffing files. Please note that we may keep your personal information in our database for one (1) year (unless you specify otherwise). We will consult this database when we search for qualified candidates to fill vacant positions that may or may not be posted on the site or to fill specific positions.

By registering with Addenda Capital's online recruitment service, you also declare and agree to the following conditions:

  • The information submitted is complete, accurate and up to date. Providing false information or hiding information deemed important by Addenda Capital will result in the rejection or cancellation of your application or termination of employment if you have become employee of Addenda Capital.
  • By submitting your profile in the Addenda Capital directory, you agree that the personal information it contains, as well as information collected during the recruitment process and interviews for a position within Addenda Capital be communicated between persons involved for the purposes of evaluating your candidacy for any of the available positions. Subject to applicable privacy laws, there will be no further communication of your information without obtaining your prior consent.
  • If applicable, you agree to provide, upon request, any original document to prove your identity and eligibility for employment in Canada.
  • You agree that your personal information will be retained by Addenda Capital for a one (1) year from the time you apply via this site.